Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Do you have any plans?

Hello guys!

I want to know if you have any plans for you next vacation....
What are you planning to do? Travelling? Staying home and relaxing?

I still don't know if I'm going to travel, but I'm certainly going to a waterfall! I love it! And it is not so expensive, neither so far as going to the beach, since we are 1000 kilometers away!

And you? What are your plans?


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  2. Hi everyone!
    Teacher Lilian...Really? Do You going to a waterfall? That´s great! I love it too..
    Well...next vacation, I´m going to travel to Northeast Brazil ("São Luís")..I mean..I want to go , but it depends... four months ago,my mother said that we would travel to "São Luís",but I don´t Know if She still want to go...I hope She doesn´t change her plans because I depend her..lol

    How about you guys?

    PS: Excuse my mistakes ... I'm a learner .. then .. patience..lol

  3. That's super cool Sinara! São Luis is known as the Brazilian Reggae Capital, or Brazilian Jamaica... it might be very nice!

  4. Hello!!!
    Well, for now I don't have plans for the vacations... But I hope they can be more relaxing days. On a suggestion of music coming to class, I suggest a song from U2: "With Or Without You". It's a very beautiful music. :D

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  6. More a suggestion..."When you believe" (Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston -Prince of Egypt)

  7. Good to see you girls around here! Thanks a lot for your contribution.... I`ll manage to prepare an exercise with one of your suggestions for next Saturday! See you then!

  8. "Are you going to a waterfall?"

    I learned...!!! lol