Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Let's get started!

Dear Students,

The time we spend together is just too short for all the things I wanted to say, show and interact with you... Then, this is an extension of our "relationship"! Here we can discuss anything we want! We can share our opinions, doubts, reflections, comments and improve our learning in this cyber-space! I hope we can all contribute and profit from this communication tool!


  1. Dear teacher and my classmates,

    How’s it going?!

    So, what are you doing right now? I bet than you’re sleeping! It’s great to you… I want to sleep too, because I worked and studied very hard in this week, and therefore I’m very tired. But it’s no problem when we have God in our heart. By the way, I’m still studying, because I didn’t make all the homework. : )

    Then, before to sleep I have to make the last homework: a message to you!

    Anyway, I didn’t know the kind of music do you like, but I love pop rock and romantic music. I’d like to listen “stand by me” or “always on my mind” with you on the next Saturday. I sent an e-mail to our teacher for this. These songs are cool and classical! Put your music’s suggestions here too ok? It will be fun ; )

    Can I ask a favour of you? I’ll go sleep now …ok??? Kisses and good dreams for all…

    Daniel "one"

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  3. Hi Daniel "one"

    I like your suggestion and the message of the songs. Also like the song "Stand by Me" and the movie.
    Good week for you!


  4. Hi Daniel "one" and Monique

    "Stand by Me" is a great music. I like it too. But my favorite kind of music is MPB. I really like Marisa Monte. I listen Marisa´s music every day. Do they listen "Alta Noite"? Tt´s a beautiful song. It´s my favorite...

    Good week!

  5. Hi Suziane!

    Also love MPB and Marisa Monte. The songs of her are wonderful and a beautiful voice. Difficult to choose the best music of her ... hehehe. But if you have to choose one, prefer "Segue o Seco"
    Bye Bye!

  6. Girls... I love Marisa Monte, too! She's definetely one of the best singers in Brazil... I have all her discography... If you want, I can record it for you... CUL8R

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  8. Hello everybody!

    Responding to the first comment posted by Daniel in this topic...I´m fine, but I´m very tired too.. I slept very little these last two weeks.I don´t know if you noticed, but I missed the last lesson because I had to join a course in gynecology...In addition, I need to write an article and it is laborious..

    So...I can say that medicine really consumes much of my time (lol)..
    I really sorry to have missed the class..But on saturday,I will be back ... probably a bit lost in lesson...than, I will need patience from you guys..
    As for the musical preferences .. I also like to MPB .. and I liked Daniel´s idea of writing about songs...taking the opportunity, I want to suggest a song that I love.. "Only Hope" sung by Mandy Moore in the movie "A Walk to Remember".. probably many of you watched that movie..I love the song "Dare you to move" too.

    See you next Saturday =)


  9. HI FRIENDS. :)

    Just now I can post here. These days were very busy for me, but I am happy because I am doing evething I had to do. Anyway, how just now I am writing here I want to answer the firt coment and said that I like very much your classes, teacher Lilian. They are very funny, i am learning so much and i don´t stay with sleepily. Oh, about music.. I like every kinds of ritms. Sinara, I watched 'A Walk to Remember' more 200 times. hahaha. It´s one of the bests movies that I ever see. I wanted write many things here, but I have to go now. I will try post a better coment tomorrow because I know that this have so many mistakes. kisses for all :*

  10. :D
    i don't have anything to write
    but this bolg is very nice to learn about english

  11. Hi everyone! It's so so so nice to see all this interaction going on here! Jaqui, thanks for your comments! I try by best to make you motivated and engaged! And music is part of the "game", so post your suggestions guys! See you!